Thursday, 6 September 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

This is my first R2BC post - thanks to Julie at Mama OWL for helping me out with this one!

There are always lots of reasons to be cheerful, but sometimes it is hard to remember and recognise them all, so I am really looking forward to doing a bit of reflection each week on what I am grateful for.

1. This week I have really realised what fantastic friends I have. To be honest, when I first moved away after university I felt pretty lonely and like I would never build up a friendship group again. Then I met some good friends through work, then I became pregnant with H and had H and met more friends that way, through Babycentre, NCT classes and baby groups, now I have made even more friends through work, and although I'm not the sort of person who is the centre of a big group of friends, I can honestly say that I have built some true friendships over the past few years. For the first time in a long time I have people I can call when I am down, and people who came out (despite difficult times of their own) to celebrate my birthday with myself and Harry. I'm so happy to have good, positive people around me who will support me through thick and thin.

2.  Being 30 - now, I've been pretty sensitive about this one. I'm not keen on getting older to be honest. I regularly find myself sighing over my grey hairs and trying to figure out just how much that wrinkle has deepened in recent years, but... Actually, when I look at everything I have: wonderful husband; beautiful home (thanks to that wonderful husband);  my two gorgeous boys, of course -  and finally, my career (albeit on hold at the moment) I realise that I've not done too badly in those 30 years. Bring on the next 30!

3. The autumn is here! I feel this might be a bit cheaty, as my inaugural blog post was all about my excitement about autumn and new starts, but hello! Chilly days! Nights drawing in! Cozy cuddles on the sofa! Wellies and muddy puddles! Spicy baking! Hallow'een and... the build up to the big C! Who couldn't be cheerful about all that :-)


  1. I'm looking forward to Christmas and Halloween too - can't wait! (probably more excited than the Mini Mes!)

    Some lovely reasons to smile. I'm not looking forward to hitting thirty, the Mr turned it this year but I hope when I get there it doesn't make me feel as bad as the thought of it does atm. I hope you had a lovely birthday :)

    It's nice to have great friends to rely on x

  2. HI! Thanks for linking up, do visit and take part again. R2BC has real feel good factor. Good friends are hard to get and when you find them you are truly blessed. I always give talk about my mates, sometimes they go above and beyond the call of duty without me asking! I'm all for cuddles on a chilly night :0) have a lovely weekend

  3. Hurrah for autumn. I agree, it's a great season. Good friends are so valuable in life. Worth so much more than material possessions. And I like your attitude to turning 30. Sounds like you've got it sorted. (And at least there's always hair dye for that odd grey strand!)

  4. Fabulous reasons to be cheerful, lovely! And you are quite welcome ;) xx

  5. Aw how lovely are your friends! I'm not a big fan of Autumn {I love spring} even though my birthday is in October but I like all your positives about it... especially the spicy baking! x

  6. Brilliant post. :) Sounds like you have fabulous friends!

  7. My first R2BC too after way too long. Three great reasons there. 30 isn't that bad really, I quite liked it.

  8. HI, Lovely to have you join in with #R2BC. Friends are a real blessing and most definately a reason for celebration.

    Mich x