Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Oh My Days!

I thought it would be interesting to get down on paper our daily routine... When Harry was a little baby we didn't have a routine, but I am a bit of a convert now. I try not to be too defined by it and let it spoil our day, but he does still need a nap at some point so we always try to squeeze it in. I think Harry is a little happier when he has an idea of the 'shape' of his days - he is the sort of person who loves order in his life (wonder where he got that from ;-) ) so it suits us to follow a similar pattern each day.

Archie can pretty much wake up/sleep at any time at the moment, so we just drag him along with us - he seems happy, lol!

7.30/8.00 - Harry wakes up - or, should I say he gets up, I'm pretty sure he lies awake in his cot considering the day before he asks to be got up. It's usually me who goes into him, but if Daddy is about sometimes he will get him up. We head downstairs for breakfast - for Harry a banana followed by a bowl of cereal.

8.30 until 9.30 ish - This is play time, get dressed time and get mummy an injection of tea time. Mostly all this happens in the lounge, I bring down all the clothes and nappies for the boys and get them dressed, then I sneak upstairs to get dressed myself and chuck on foundation, blusher and mascara. This is the half hour in which we are most likely to have the TV on - it's usually something like Alphablocks, Numtums and the dreaded Rhyme Rocket (which Harry loves and I hate).

9.30-11.30 ish - We try to get out every morning. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are groups that we go to at the local children's centres - a real god send. Otherwise we visit the local Animal Park, go to the park, go to town, go supermarket shopping or meet friends. If we don't go out in the morning or have friends over Harry goes stir crazy and I get stressed! He definitely needs that interaction. A snack gets slotted in somewhere along the way. Luckily Harry is a great walker, he holds onto the pram while I hold his reins and he just walks everywhere no matter how far really.

11.30-12 - Play time in the lounge whilst mummy gets lunch sorted

12-12.30 ish - Lunch time - we have some variety of toast/bread and cheese and ham most days - sometimes I bake up some scones, sometimes we grab something at the shop. If there is even the slightest bit of sun we usually picnic/eat in the garden - saves sweeping up!

12.30-1 - Nap time. I can delay Harry's nap time until 2/2.30 ish if we re busy/out for the day, but the day runs smoothest when he naps from 1-3/4. This is Archie time as he doesn't usually sleep the whole time. Otherwise it is housework time or reading time for mummy, depending on how much there is to do/how tired I am. I try to give myself some down time during nap time if I can. This is also when I try to prepare for dinner if there is any prep to be done.

3.30ish until 5.30 ish - Sometimes we make it out again - today we need to nip to the shop for stamps and to post my thank you letters. It's usually only little errands at this time rather than a big trip out. Harry will play with cars/trains usually at this time or we do craft activities, reading or puzzles together.

5.30-6 - Sometimes a bit of TV again if we have had a busy day. This is dinner cooking time. Anything that takes longer than 1/2 an hour to cook doesn't get cooked during the week!

6pm - Daddy gets in and dinner is on the table.

7-7.30 ish - Daddy and Harry play, mummy cleans the kitchen.

7.30 -Tidy up time (Harry does most of it - he is very particular about which box each toy goes in) followed by story time followed by racing Daddy upstairs followed by bed time. We try to complete as much of this without Archie screaming the house down! LOL!

8.30 ish - Mummy gets to sit on the sofa for an hour or so until Archie deems it bed time and we head up to bed!


  1. aw this is exactly like my routine on the days I don't work ! Written down like that makes you realises how much there is to do ! I do love nap time though x