About Me

I'm Lucy - mum of two gorgeous little boys and wife of I who looks after us all.

Harry is 3, and vehicle mad. We often call him 'Bob' or 'Bobber' for no reason other than it seems to be his name! He knows all the makes of car on the road and is *this* far away from winning those competitions where you identify a car from the tiniest bit of trim - takes after his dad, that one.

Archie is my little bubba, born May 2012. He is a little snuggly teddy bear, so we call him Archie Bear.  He is  also a little ray of sunshine, and a much better sleeper than his brother was, which, let's be honest, helps! He is just learning about the world around him, and it's such a pleasure to live the baby life all over again - this time with a toddler's perspective on hand too!

I am a teacher by profession, and since having the boys I work part time. Our days at home are filled with trips to the park, Tesco car park (yes, he's that obsessed), baking, painting, sticking and lots and lots and lots of driving cars and trains around the carpet.

To sum it up, I'm basically one of the luckiest people in the world - welcome in!

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