Friday, 31 August 2012

New Starts for Supersparks

There is a distinct autumnal chill in the air this morning, and it gives me such a thrill of excitement. The day is bright and blue skied, and I am no longer bemoaning the lack of summer - this is SO much better.

It reminds of the first day back at school with new bag, new pencil case and stationery - the feeling of a new start and hopes for the future. In fact, I am even a little bit jealous of those people going back to school for their own new starts - not that I want to miss out on my gorgeous baby of course. (Have to add here that I am not missing that feeling of sick dread at meeting new classes though).

It makes me think of autumn walks in the woods, Hallow'een and, ultimately, the lead up to Christmas (sorry to mention the C- word, but seriously, you've got to start thinking about shopping when you've got a big family!)

It makes me feel like getting out there to jog, ignoring my bumps and bruises from a nasty fall on my last outing, feeling the crisp air rush into my lungs, my hair bounce and my body stretch as I push myself a little further each time.

And best of all, it is making today a little softer - it's my 30th birthday and I was feeling a little bit sad about, you know, the age thing. But today everything feels better and brighter and happier - I feel so positive about the future, I'm on a journey to get healthier, and on an even bigger journey with my two gorgeous boys. Instead of feeling negative, I'm thinking that there's no better day for a new venture - the glass is definitely half full.

So, a touch of autumn is all it takes, apparently! Sorry, summer lovers!