Friday, 21 June 2013

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Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman

I really enjoyed reading this novel. Although set in a different era, it has echoes of The Great Gatsby, and the indulgence of the American upper classes - although in European terms probably considered the 'Noveau Riche' - is an evident theme in the novel. I loved every moment of it, but it wasn't quite one of those 'can't put it down' novels. I was almost relieved at this - recently having read 'Gone Girl' and 'How to be a Good Wife' - both powerfully gripping thrillers - it felt great to have a novel that was going to last me more than a few nights and wouldn't have me up until 3am reading (not great these days when little A has me up for the day at 5...)

The novel is focalised through several different characters: Nick, Helena (her cousin and best friend), Hughes (her husband), Daisy (her daughter) and finally Ed (Helena's son). This means that you can view the complex familial relationships from different perspectives throughout, your sympathies changing as you realise the depths of each character and the difficulties they face. As a reader, you sense that this is the 'point' of the novel. Really, the details and events of the novel are irrelevant - first and foremost it's an exploration of character.

Except, that as you get towards the end of the novel you realise this isn't quite everything. It's not just detailed character profiles. You realise that throughout Klaussman has been leaving you clever clues leading to the climax of the novel and the uneasy resolution. Although I'd noticed some of the clues throughout I still found the ending surprising, gripping and - ultimately - satisfying. I'm a bit fussy with endings of books - I don't generally like cliffhangers (thanks, 'How to be a Good Wife'), unhappy endings ('Gone Girl'!)or ones that lack a desirable sense of closure for the characters (both!) Tigers in Red Weather was perfect for me. I'd really recommend it as a great read!

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  1. Intriguing :) I also won a copy! Haven't actually read it yet as been away but it's next on my list!
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