Friday, 7 June 2013

#50books2013 - Midnighters Series by Scott Westerfeld

Despite my less than glowing review of 'Extras' earlier this year, I couldn't resist downloading this series onto my Kindle. It's great to have a light read to hand on my Kindle and the Kindle app on my phone for those times when I'm stuck on the sofa nursing Archie or the boys are sleeping in the car and I'm stuck on the driveway (mums, we've all done that, right?!) I also like to claim that reading books intended for teens is some kind of research for work so I can recommend books to reluctant readers (yeah right).

The series starts in a familiar way - think Harry Potter, Twilight, The Wizard of Oz - what child hasn't fantasised about being transported to a new world when they have untold power and influence? What misunderstood teen has never dreamt that they are just *different* from their parents, their family... In Midnighters, Jessica Day wakes in a strange and beautiful dreamscape of sparkling diamonds - but soon discovers it's not as idyllic as it first appears.

It soon falls to a small band of misfits to save the world (of course, what would such a book be without mortal peril?!)

I am being a bit flippant here though - Midnighters reminded me of what I liked about the Uglies series. Despite feeling disappointed by Extras, I do think Westerfeld is a skilled writer for teens and      the world and characters of The Midnighters series are well crafted; the narrative is gripping. I would certainly recommend this as a good young adult read and also a great series for those who have enjoyed 'crossover' novels between YA and Adult Fiction such as The Hunger Games, Matched and Twilight.

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