Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Twins Birth Story

Twins Birth Story
Due to the fact that I was having twins, we always knew that I would be induced at around 38 weeks – although I think we did expect that we might have had them spontaneously by then. This meant that we were due to be induced on the 16th of April, with Harry’s 5th birthday being on the 17th! We decided that as the pregnancy was going so smoothly that we would delay until after his birthday, and so the date of the 18th was set. Despite being very uncomfortable by this stage, I was really pleased to be able to spend time with Harry on his birthday instead of being sat in hospital for the day being poked and prodded. We opened presents in the morning and went to Frankie and Benny’s for dinner in the evening. Harry was very pleased with his ‘birthday treat’.
We contacted the hospital in the morning, and they gave us a call at lunch time to tell us to come in at 2pm. Although I had been induced with Harry, this felt quite different as I had had no real signs of natural labour in advance. We made our way in at 2 and went to the delivery suite where I was monitored for a bit before the propess being put in at 3.20. We were told that this would stay in place for 24 hours and then I would be reassessed. Up I went to the ward and Ian stayed with me for a bit before leaving in time to go home and put the boys to bed. I enjoyed relaxing and reading my book! However, before long, I began to feel that things were moving on. At 8pm I asked for paracetamol, and I needed more painkillers at 9pm and was given Dihydrocoedine – a sure sign that the contractions were affecting me quite badly as I wouldn’t normally take a codeine based drug!
The CTG at 9.40 showed that I was contracting regularly and also that there were some decelerations in Twin 1’s heart rate. This was concerning to the midwives and at 9.55 they removed the propess in the hope that it would slow things down. I was moved downstairs to the delivery suite for closer monitoring. Twin 1’s heart rate improved, but the contractions were still coming quite quickly and intensely. At half past 12 I was given an injection to stop the induction process and was able to rest. I opted to stay downstairs in the hustle and bustle of the delivery suite as a bit of a distraction and was cared for by a lovely MW who happened to be the one who delivered Harry!
After getting a bit of sleep I woke in the morning and the twins were monitored by CTG again. At 8.40 the MW broke my waters to assist in the induction process. The babies were monitored again and the MW attempted to put a cannula in the back of my hand, but it the end we had to get an anaesthetist to do it. After this, we were told to ‘mobilise’ for 2/3 hours and possibly get something to eat. This was at 10am. By 10.20 we were back in the delivery suite as I was really struggling. So much for a couple of hours! At 10.39 I was 3-4 cm dilated and at 11.20 I was given diamorphine in the hope that I would be able to relax for a couple of hours and allow the labour to progress.

At 12.25 I called the MW as the contractions were intensifying and I was feeling pressure. I was fully dilated – no time for the epidural I had planned! The diamorphine had completely  wiped me out, I had been making no sense at all with what I was saying to Ian, and I was able to manage the contractions well. Jasper was born at 12.58 weighing 2860g. I was quickly scanned to check twin 2’s position – she was breech as expected - and they started putting the Syntocinon through the drip. At 1.20 her foot was visible and at 1.29 Dulcie was born, weighing 2940g. Jasper yelled almost immediately and was given to Ian, whereas Dulcie needed a bit more waking up, but we were soon left with our gorgeous babies all well and happy.