Monday, 3 September 2012

Meal Plan Monday

One of the best tips for running a smooth household with small children, and keeping the budget under control is to have a meal plan. I don't tend to plan out our lunches - we have some variety of bread, toast and cheese/ham most days, but I do like to plan our dinners, especially as I really hate cooking! (Baking is another matter, I love it - but cooking? Nope).

Monday 3rd September - Bacon and Tomato Pasta Bake

Tuesday 4th September - Homemade Chicken Pizzas (with the leftover chicken from our roast)

Wednesday 5th September - Fish and Chips (from the freezer - this is Daddy's late day, so need something really simple I can just  chuck in the oven)

Thursday 6th September - Chicken Caesar Salad

Friday 7th September - Steak and Chips (at I's request - this is his early finish, so he can cook!)

Saturday 8th September - Chicken Satay (again at I's request - he's cooking!)

Sunday 9th September - Roast of some description - we'll buy for this together at the weekend.

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