Friday, 22 February 2013

Recipe Review - Lamb Koftas

I've been loving the My Daddy Cooks Recipe book over the last couple of weeks, and I'll be really disappointed when I have to take it back to the library. In fact, I'm pretty sure that a copy will be winging its way to us very soon, as the recipes we have tried so far are definitely set to be family favourites.

The first recipe I am going to review is that for Lamb Koftas. My husband actually cooked these, so I'm afraid I can't comment too much on the process itself - other than he said they were quite easy - only shelling the pomegranate took time, and you could buy that prepared to speed things up. Certainly, the other recipes I have tried from the book are very simple to prepare and cook - I really think you can tell the book has been written by a parent of a small child!

I can, however comment on the taste. In fact, neither of us really like lamb, but we had bought it 'for a change' - and I am happy to say we are converted. The koftas were DELICIOUS - we loved being able to construct our own concoctions and the pomegranate was to die for. If you like things like fajitas where you build up your own meal, you will love this dish. Even the fussy toddler tried some (although he refused the pomegranate even though he would have loved it guaranteed, oh well, better luck next time).

I'll be reviewing the other recipes we tried - Sticky Baked Salmon, Mexican Lasagne and the delicious Peanut Butter Brownies very soon. And I can't wait to try his 'Fruit Popovers' one weekend for breakfast. But if the words 'Peanut Butter Brownies' don't persuade you to check out the book yourself, I'm not sure what else I can say!

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