Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fun Lunches - Faces

Those of you with a fussy toddler will no doubt be adept at doing anything at all to get something other than a chocolate bar, chips or something that comes breaded and fried past their angelic little lips. I'm often so proud of my artistic concoctions that I take a photo and thought I'd post some here:

First up - the faces!

Homemade breaded turkey 'nuggets' made into burgers with sliced  brown bread. Sweet potato wedges for ears, banana nose and pear teeth.

A baby lunch - this was Archie's the other day - two butter puffs spread with cream cheese and raisins for the pupils, clementine segments arranged for hair and apple for a smile.
Face dinner - pizza toast with peas, banana and baby sweetcorn
Mushroom hair, tomato eyes, cooked chicken ears and sweetcorn nose and mouth on a scone pizza base.

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