Friday, 23 November 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful #r2bc

A bit late AGAIN! I am a bad blogger!

My reasons to be cheerful this week...

1. On Saturday I ran my first ever 5k run - I was so proud to even get around the course, and very pleasantly surprised to get my time, which was emailed out to me a few hours after the event. The weather was glorious, mind, so I am not expecting to better my time this week, although I am still planning to get out and run tomorrow (brr).

2. Harry and Archie have been a lovely little pair this week. Highlights of the week for Harry included a visit to soft play the evening Daddy was staying away (they do dinner for 75p if you go in after 3pm - bargain!) and him learning how to use all the big stuff all by himself - this is a big deal for our little 'Captain Cautious' as he is known by Daddy! It made for a much nicer experience for Archie and I as Archie therefore didn't have to get lugged up miles of softplay, squished through rollers and I didn't have to precariously balance with a rather heavy bubba in my arms! Harry has also nearly reached another 'big boy' milestone - he has now had two naps in his big boy bed! He asked to go to bed in his new room tonight, but we don't yet have curtains, so it isn't cozy enough for bed time yet. Maybe next weekend will be the time! We got my gorgeous little pile of loveliness (a.k.a. Archie) weighed this week. He is a rather chunky 21lb 8 at 25 weeks. Considering his big brother was on the, um, massive side and weighed 21lb 10 at 33 weeks, no wonder Archie is so cuddly!

3. Christmas preparations are getting on in our household. Today Harry and I made and painted a cardboard Christmas tree, daddy is wrapping presents as I speak and Harry is, in his own words 'really excited about Christmas!' Shh, we may be putting up some decorations this weekend. Can you tell we REALLY love Christmas in our house?!


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  1. Lovely reasons. Its great seeing the lil ones play and come into their own in such larger forums. You certainly seem to be on the ball with Xmas :0) Here's hoping that this week is going just as good if not better :0)