Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday Meal Planning

Back on the blogging train!! We eat so much healthier and better when I plan our meals properly. I'm hoping that this week sees a welcome return and I am trying to ensure we have a bit more variety. It's tricky with a fussy toddler in the house, but he always eats a lot at lunch - he's a big fan of sandwiches, cheese, ham and other lunchy things, but he really, really doesn't like dinner! Maybe it's just the time of day, but he seldom eats anything at dinner time (or so it seems...)

I'm really struggling with more wintery meal ideas, so looking forward to seeing what everyone has planned this week - hope I can steal it! Haven't done the shopping for this week yet, so maybe I can even steal it for this week!

Monday 12th November - Steak Pie (shop bought I'm afraid) and Sweet Potato Wedges
Tuesday 13th November -  Salmon and Bean stir fry with Noodles
Wednesday 14th November - Chicken Kievs with Oven Chips (or sweet potato mash)
Thursday 15th November - Club Chicken Sandwiches
Friday 16th November - Cheat's Macaroni Cheese
Saturday 17th November - Bacon Spaghetti Pasta
Sunday 18th November - Roast (Beef if I have anything to do with it! My favourite!)

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