Saturday, 17 November 2012

#Couchto5k - Success!

So my Couch to 5k Journey is over! Today I completed my first 5k run - it was a Park Run, and after running you are emailed with some statistics, so here goes: 
Time: 33.24
73rd out of 83 runners (that means I wasn't last!!)
3rd in my age category (I'm guessing there weren't many runners in my age category, lol!)
My 'age-graded' score was 44.31% - so I think when compared with other people my age I am on the 44.31st centile (ie 50 is average). I *think* that's how it works anyway!

I'm pretty pleased with that. I started running on 'Super Saturday', having never run before. Archie was a bout 8 weeks old when I started. I suffered with sore knees, a nasty fall and losing motivation towards the end - it's hard to get out and run with two little ones, particularly in the dark. So I am so proud to have done it.

I'm definitely going to keep running with the Park Run - once a week will keep me going throughout the winter I think, and maybe next summer I can push to get a bit faster or even start working towards 10k! I'm even considering joining a running club to keep me going.

So next week the goal is to try to run a smidgen faster - we'll see... it was great weather for a run today - not sure I would be so good in nasty weather. I will be using the Couch to 5k+ podcasts to try to keep me motivated throughout the run. Still, I'll be pleased jut to make it round the course one more time.


  1. Wow. Well done. I went out for my first run tonight. 5 minute warm up, 1.5 mins walk, 1 min run (repeat for 20 mins) then another 5 mins cool down. It almost broke me! Am so unfit!

    1. My first ever run was by far the worst. I promise you will get there. Right now from my sick bed I am wondering if I will ever run again but I am sure that if I take a few steps back I can get there. Just got to keep going and think how proud you will be at the end xxx