Monday, 28 January 2013


This week I was enticed into borrow the 'My Daddy Cooks' recipe book from the library - just as we were leaving, it was there, tempting me from the shelf! So I have been inspired by the book this week, and I will be trying a few new (and hopefully simple) recipes from the book. I haven't checked out the blog yet, but I've heard it's great, so definitely worth a look. I hope that I might be able to persuade Harry to give me a hand in the kitchen, if not Archie will have to do as my sous chef!

Monday - Lamb Koftas in Pitta bread
Tuesday - Mexican Lasagne (Chilli layered with tortillas and with a creme fraiche topping)
Wednesday - Sticky Baked Salmon (I will probably do home made salmon 'fish fingers' for Harry)
Thursday - Club Sandwiches and home made chips
Friday - Pork Stroganoff
Saturday - Toad in the hole
Sunday - Roast Chicken

I am also hoping to make his 'Fruity popovers' - sweet yorkshire puddings with freah fruit - for breakfast at the weekend and I will also be baking banana and white chocolate muffins this week.

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