Saturday, 12 January 2013

Get fit, Feel epic! #getfitfeelepic

This is my entry for the ‘Get Fit Feel Epic’ competition hosted by Kate on Thin Ice”. It's a nice reason to blog about my fitness goals at this time of year.

2012 was a good year for my fitness, all in all. I was pregnant up until 31st of May of course, but having a 2 year old certainly made for an active pregnancy, so I was ready to start getting fit using the NHS Couch to 5k podcasts when Archie was a couple of months old. Like many others, I was inspired by the Olympics, and in particular Jessica Ennis - the Heptathlon is surely the most inspiring sport there is! That's why my running journey started on the 4th of August - also known as Super Saturday. Although I found it hard and suffered a few setbacks, I am extremely proud to say I can now 'run' (well, jog, and occasionally walk for a minute or so) 5 kilometres. The last time I felt so proud was when I made it through labour for the second time, ha ha!

2013 is the year I commit to as many Park Runs as I can, I don't want to say every week, as we all know that life does have a habit of getting in the way, but maybe 3 runs out of every 4 week period would be good. It's the year I hope to improve my 5k time - maybe down to 30 minutes, and it's the year when I hope to run 5k for charity. I also hope that in the spring/summer time when running in the evenings is a little easier to manage and when Archie is a bit bigger I will be able to step up my running distance. One day I will run 10k, and maybe even a marathon.

I've never been an athlete, and I've never enjoyed running before, but the Couch to 5k programme has really helped me, and I am now hoping to be a fit enough mummy to be running around playing in the park with my boys for many years to come. No longer will I be puffed out on a park bench in the corner watching - I'm going to be right in there. And I am proud of that.

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