Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bobchat - Earth

Looking at the weather map in TV.

H - 'mummy where <childminder> live?'
M - 'She lives in <our town> just like us?'
H - 'Do she live on a planet up in the sky?'
M - 'She lives on Earth - we all live on Earth!'
H - pauses to think. 'Mummy, do <best friend> live on Earth?'


  1. Aw, love their perspective on the world and love that you write them down. Mine ask me what they said when they were little all the time now, wish I had written down more! Have fun at Camp Bestival!

  2. They seem so 'everyday' now but I know in the future I will look back and love to read these :-)

    I'm excited and nervous about the festival - we are campers but not festival goers!