Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Simple Pleasures of Mummyhood

Simple Pleasures of Mummyhood

Nestling into chubby baby necks,
Little bare feet stroking you under the blanket,
Toddler pride 'Mummy! Look at this!',
Singing 'Just one more song' at bedtime.

Hair curling crazily as it grows longer,
Manic giggling at first standing attempts,
Calling the seatbelt fastener a 'bucket',
Climbing a ladder for the first time.

Bittersweet moments as you kiss a bump,
Fierce tears when you are reunited,
Hearing stories of times when you weren't there,
Growing independence and a lump in the throat.

Hot cup of tea grabbed in a quiet moment,
Feeling guilty to be happy to be alone,
Knowing that in no time at all you'll be mummy again,
But that in no time at all they will be all grown.

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