Thursday, 11 October 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well, can't wait to get into reading all your reasons to be cheerful today!

I have one major reason to be cheerful, we're HOME! I know I didn't put it on the blog yet, but things have been a bit quiet here - the reason is we've been on holiday to lovely sunny Spain. We had a fabulous time, which is another reason to be cheerful of course, but nothing beats sleeping in your own bed (although I did have to acclimatise to the cold, brr, and Archie decided that when we got home at 2.30 am it was time to play. Um, no. Not when you woke me at 3am the previous day and I've only had an hour's sleep since. Naughty baby!). Loving being home already, I'm even happy to see the rain! It's proper autumn weather, we need to get out and buy Harry some decent shoes today or tomorrow, as he only has summer doodles! Cant wait to crack out the wintery clothes.

Archie has come on in leaps and bounds on holiday, he is such a gorgeous little thing. When I say little, I mean baby - he isn't really 'little' - cue lots and lots of surprised Spanish people when they asked old he is. He really is NOT the size of a usual baby at quattro meses! I would say his thighs are about the same size as Harry's! He is now sitting alone for a few minutes at a time and showing real interest in his toys. I would say 'I love this stage', but I've said that at every stage for both boys ever since Harry was born, so I can't really say that!

Hallow'een is nearly here, and we are planning a (very small) get together with a few of Harry's buddies. Can't wait to get baking/cooking - I will be putting some of Mama Owl's ideas to good use, I got some gingerbread man cutters for my birthday, so I need to put my piping skills to test! Need to put some serious thought into costumes, although I'm afraid I may have to succomb to shop bought again. We'll see!


  1. Am really looking forward to Halloween, too! =]

  2. I love Spain, a great location for a family break. Loads of lovely reasons to smile :) x

  3. Lol I was inspired to make some Halloween plans by Mama Owl too! Glad you had a great holiday but you can't beat getting back into your own bed! x